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Janice & Ares Ayson

Dear Carolyn, Debbie and I wanted to again thank you for the terrific job you did in both selling our home so quickly and assisting us in the purchase of our new home.

As you are aware, we were not exactly out searching for a new home when we first met you. In fact, Debbie was just another "looky loo" who wandered into one of your local open houses. We told you about some of our concerns regarding our old home and you gave us some ideas. We mad the decision to sell our home. We came to the realization that you would be the best agent for us because of your knowledge of the College Park East area, your professionalism and your sincere concern in helping us to find the perfect home. We were beginning to understand now, why our neighborhood (CPE) was saturated with your name on so many real estate signs.  Our decision to list our property was based on the afore mentioned, and the fact that you genuinely care about your clients. We came up with a price for our home, but you told us not to "give away the farm". While you knew we were anxious sellers, you did hurry us along and were certain our house was worth more. Within two weeks and one open house, our house was sold at our asking price. Quicker than expected, we were forced to start looking for a new home. That could have been a rushed situation, however you protected us with the contingency clause that we did not have to vacate our home until we found a new one. We began our search for a new home in the College Park East area. During the next week, you made yourself available to show us various homes. I never once felt that you tried to force us or hurry us in our decision. When we first saw our current home and went inside (after Karly found the keys), we knew this was it. We entered escrow and were impressed with the daily updates over the next few months. Whenever we had a question, we called.  If you were not home, you called us back within minutes. Carolyn, we sincerely want you to know that you made an unpleasant event (moving) as easy on us as it could possibly be. You're not only a true professional, but you are also a kind person. We feel very fortunate that we were able to find such a knowledgeable real estate agent, but most important, we found a very dear friend. Thank you. Sincerely, The Quaack Family  

To Whom it May Concern, We would like to take this opportunity to recommend to you, Carolyn Theriault, who we feel is the very best realtor we have ever been associated with.

My husband is a football coach and we have moved eleven times in our 23 years of marriage. We have experienced many different realtors along the way and we can honestly say, there is no one like Carolyn. She truly represents to us the total package.  She is professional, honest, task-oriented, punctual and above all our friend. We first became acquainted with Carolyn while living in our neighborhood of College Park East. She had an excellent reputation and many of our friends and neighbors were extremely pleased with her performance as their agent.  After nine years in the area, my husband took a job in South Bend, Indiana. We wanted to keep our home in CPE and Carolyn assisted us with our lease agreement. She was absolutely wonderful with us during those two years.  She was prompt, informative, unselfish, and extremely keen to detail.  Carolyn was someone we could trust. We knew she was the realtor for us when we listed our home on Elder Avenue. We were very fortunate to sell our home within a week after it was listed!  We also sold it for more than we anticipated.  We give Carolyn all the credit.  She represented us magnificently throughout the escrow process and we always felt that she sought our best interest. We purchased ahome in Carlsbad at the same time and we couldn't believe the difference between Carolyn and our realtor there. My husband and I wanted to clone Carolyn and place her in the San Diego area as well! Our experience with Carolyn Theriault was fantastic. We truly appreciated her professionalism yet also enjoyed her warm and contagious personality! We highly recommend Carolyn and wish her all the best! Sincerely, Mike & Melinda Sanford  

I had a great experience with Carolyn Theriault in selling my house.

It was my first time in selling and I quickly discovered that it is a complicated, crazy-making process -- but Carolyn made it easy and successful. She has a great understanding of the big picture (i.e., the housing market in general and the specific area where I was selling). She also understands the importance of details, with everything from termite inspection to filing papers. There were a lot of things that hadn’t occurred to me or that I had no experience with: an estate sale, re-painting the house and installing new carpets, staging the house to maximize its appeal before going to market, even sprucing up the yards. And There are endless considerations in selling and buying a house and whenever I began to feel a little overwhelmed, Carolyn would say the magic words “I’ll take care of it.” And she did. She handled all of those things, and I really appreciated the people she worked with. Best of all, she negotiated a price for the house that made everyone (the new buyers and me) happy. And that’s all you can ask for. I can highly recommend her.

Tim Gray

Dear Current and Future CPE Homeowners, All I have to say is that Carolyn Theriault is our angel.

  I'm sure this has been said before by other folks just like us but we'll say it again, again, and again just to drive the point home. We were completely floored at the quick turn around time of our home selling/buying adventure. Because of this, we fell compelled to share our joy with you.  You've heard them before, but our Carolyn Theriault success story went a little something like this ... We lived on Violet Street in a comfortable three bedroom house for four years. Being there we were fortunate enough to have stumbled upon a great group of neighbors and now friends by living there.  However, as sad as it made us, we knew that we would eventually like to move to a larger model in the same area with a pool and had been keeping our eyes open for some time. After about a year of keeping our eyes open, the perfect house in our perfect location came into sight. We knew we had to jump on the opportunity quickly (as "Carolyn Theriault" listings don't stay on the market long). So...on that Thursday afternoon, we called Carolyn to get the process started.  She came over that same evening and decided that she would hold an impromptu open house on that Sunday afternoon.  She knew how badly we wanted to get the new house we had spotted on Fir Avenue and realized time was of the essence.  With nothing but flags in our front yard and direction signs to our house, Carolyn held a very successufl open house with minimal lead time to prepare. By that same night, the listing for our house appeared on the MLS.  On Monday, several agents brought clients by to see our home.  Tuesday, Carolyn hosted an agent caravan and by that evening, we had an offer on our home. Considering Sunday was the first official day our house was on the market, our Violet home sold in 3 days!!! 3 days!!! Yes, 3 little ol' days!! We were then able to make an offer on the house on Fir.  We competed for the Fir house with two other offers on the table and Carolyn came through for us yet again.  We got the Fir house! Escrow went smoothly on both ends thanks to Carolyn's dedication to her work and her amazing organizational skills in keeping all aspects of the process in line. We have now been in our new home for about a month and are just ecstatic! We truly believe that if we had gone with any other agent, the end result may not have been the same.  For us, everything had to fall into place at just the right moment for everything to work out.  Carolyn's extensive knowledge of CPE and real estate is unmatched and was, without a doubt, the key to our success story.  Thanks Carolyn! Fondly The Grace Family

To whom it may concern, I knew from the beginning the sale of my house on Dogwood Avenue in College Park East (CPE), would not be an easy affair.

  For reasons of the failing economy it was essential that I choose the most qualified, successful, and highly rated realtor in the area.  In CPE there was only one sound choice and after scores of recommendations and my own careful analysis, I approached Carolyn Theriault & her wonderful daughter Debbie.  A very personable and pleasant person to deal with, at first Carolyn & Debbie took the time to investigate the property from one end to the other, offering me several suggestions as to how to best display the dwelling.  They even brought in their own specialists to do the finishing touches, with every service from extensive cleaning to reconstructing the bathroom sinks.  Every step along the way, both Carolyn & Debbie spent countless hours making certain the home was presentable to show on the marketplace.  They even staged items, both large and small, in every room of the home, making what was once a less than sellable single man's dwelling into a virtual palace for potential buyers.  Their expertise in staging not only encompassed the interior of the home, but also transformed an overgrown jungle of both the front and back yards, into the most admired landscaping endeavor that I can remember... each and every plant, flower, hedge and the lawns were part of their masterful vision, working together with my gardener, Debbie & her Mom made the curbside appeal of the home an unforgettable experience and a magnetic attraction for potential buyers. Although the state of the economy, along with a multitude of foreclosures and short sales in the area, dictated the pricing for the homes, Carolyn & Debbie made a stand not to sell the house for absolutely less than it was worth, and worked with me at every step of the way, following my wishes to the letter in every situation. Let it be known, my house was not the best offer on the marketplace, by a long shot, having several faults and scores of less than attractive qualities, nevertheless, Debbie's gifted style and grace gave even my faltering property the best chance for a sale.  Never once did she deceive me nor did she ever deceive any potential buyer, what she did do was work miracles, in showing my home in a perfect light, walking a buyer through the home, from room to room, careful to not miss any detail ... and allowing the buyer to make their own decision on the property.  Not once in my entire relationship with Debbie did she ever falter in integrity or commitment to excellence. The smartest decision I ever made in my life was to hire Debbie, her Mom, & First Team Realty.  Not only did they work with me at every step of the way, I grew in respect of their unwavering service to my cause.  Becoming part of the First Team, as a client, in the end we all turned out to be winners.  After what seemed to be an impossible task, to sell a less than attractive home in a faltering economy, the home was sold and both myself, and the buyer, were more than satisfied with the outcome.  As for my relationship with Debbie, I felt the sale was not just another accomplishment in our lives, but it was an experience that I will look back upon as being one of the happiest in my life ... at a time where adversity stood in everyone's way, Debbie cleared a path and led me to a bright future.

Michael Cady Uris

Dear Carolyn: You did it!

You sold our house without any of the pain or problems that come from a fast sale! Most amazingly, you actually made it a bit of a fun event for us to see how well we could do and how quickly we could do it.  You were like a coach in an exciting basketball game giving us constant pointers and feedback as to how to win the home-sale challenge! And although we felt we won, we do know it was really a win-win for both parties involved.  Not only were you a very strong guide and anchor for our efforts, but you also dealt with us like a best friend, a sister, and a mother. How did you do it? Anyone that could put up with all of our silly questions and comments and calmly and patiently put us at ease must be very special. And you are. It seems a bid incredulous that we almost went with another realtor until we decided to go with you. Whew! Carolyn, I would like for you to do me a favor and keep this note in your file for others to read, for I'd like the honor of telling them something about you (here's where you stop reading Carolyn). For those of you choosing a realtor, do yourself a favor and go no further. My wife and I know something about Real Estate agents, having taken note of them for over our 16 years here in College Park East.  Carolyn Theriault is the best, the most professional, understanding, knowledgeable, dedicated, and pleasant Agent we have ever known. She makes Real Estate her life & focus 100% of her efforts on being the best she can be for YOU.  She ALWAYS returns calls, and does so within 10 minutes, no matter what (once she even called back from the dentist's chair). She has the knowledge, experience, and connections to help you on important matters even outside the buying or selling of your home.  We can't say enough about Carolyn other than to comment that we don't think you'll be able to find anyone better at what she does. She's #1 in sales at First Team for a reason, folks! Carolyn, we're obviously very pleased with how things have worked out, and more importantly, that we've made a good friend. Thanks again for everything, and come to visit us in San Diego County! Your Friends, Bret and Cindy Barger  

Dear Carolyn, Thank you very much for finding our "dream home".

We already lived in a College Park East, but we wanted a larger home with a pool. You answered our prayers!  You worked for months looking for a house that met our unique requirements.  Ultimately, you delivered to us the perfect home. But that was really just the beginning of your hard work for us. With our trust in you as our agent and friend, our family spent 10 wonderful days vacationing in Maui, even though escrow was scheduled to close while we were gone.  You handled all the loose ends associated with the closing, while we spent a memorable time in Hawaii with our family. You also sold our other home so quickly that there was never a lock box on our door or an open house! With small children that is a blessing. Carolyn, we really appreciate your honesty, integrity, professionalism, and friendship. Please stop by anytime, our home is always open to you, and the boys love seeing you too! Warmest Regards, Steve, Diana, Bennett and Bradley Bernard  

I would like to share my experience with Carolyn Theriault.

  She came to my father's house the day after he passed away to give me an appraisal. At the time, I was very sick with my own battle against ovarian cancer.  Due to chemotherapy and other procedures, I decided against listing the house until my ongoing treatment was completed. Had I know then what I know now, I would have listed the property the first day we met. Carolyn handled all the aspects of making my father's house salable. Those aspects are including, but not limited to, the following: moving furniture, plumbing, painting, extermination and pest control, electrical and lighting installation, and all of the organizational details that moved the property closer to sale. Only once did I have to travel from Ventura to seal Beach. Even then, that was only to see the carpet and tile she had selected for the house.  During the difficult times of my father's passing, and my continuing treatment, she made the process of selling a home so easy it became enjoyable. I cannot stress enough the professionalism and personal care Carolyn provided throughout my entire experience. I now fully understand how she became a "Hall of Fame" award winner for First Team Real Estate, Inc. Sincerely, Zona Strathearn    

Dear Carolyn, Well, you've done it again.

  We can't thank you enough for all your help with selling our residence in Garden Grove. Over two years ago we thought that you out did yourself by selling our Seal Beach residence in record time and at full asking price. Your efforts this time were even more appreciated.  Because we were no longer living in the immediate area, we knew that you could be counted on to handle all the things that normally would have been done if we were close by.  Your assistance in getting painters, plumbers, carpet, and misc. help, could only be done by a professional such as you. Once again we sold at full asking price, and within a couple of weeks of going on the market. I hope that First Team understands that they have the BEST!! with you. Thanks again, your friends ~ Jim & Betty Seidel  

In living and moving through 7 states Carolyn Theriault in Orange County CA stands out as unique, the best of the best without question.

Old fashioned service, true care for the customer, and she WORKS hard to make it all so. You will never be sorry you worked with Carolyn and you will wish all your business relationships could be so good. " 5 Stars"!!

Rich Ottaviano

Dear Carolyn, This is a long overdue thank you for your help in selling our home.

We can't thank you enough for your professionalism, expertise, and hard work! We could not have asked for a better agent to help guide us through the process. You truly made it seem effortless from beginning to end. Even when you took your well deserved vacation, having Debbie take over was seamless. Being first time sellers and not knowing what to expect, your understanding and knowledge always put us at ease. We appreciated the fact that you were easy to talk to, a good listener, easy to contact, and always prompt at returning our calls or answering our questions. There is a reason why you have so many sales in CPE and we know why firsthand! Thank you again for your kindness and service. We hope to be able to work with you again in a few short years! Warm regards Janice and Ares Ayson

Janice & Ares Ayson

I do not have the words to express my gratitude to Carolyn.

  My Uncle passed away one year ago. I live in state of Washington and flew down to California for four days to arrange the Funeral and decide what to do with my uncle's home.  I was overwhelmed because we had spent almost two days trying to clean out my uncle's house and we had not made a dent in what needed to be done.  Carolyn had sent my uncle a calendar which was on his refrigerator, and I decided to call her.  After I met with Carolyn, I was able to go back to  Washington and never had to worry about my Uncle's house again.  She took care of everything, from hiring an Estate Planner to completing all the repairs required to sell the house.  All I had to do was pay the Invoices, and costs were kept to a minimum because of Carolyn.   No sooner than the repairs Carolyn recommended were completed, she called and let me know she had an interested buyer.  My uncle's home sold & closed escrow within a month in a difficult market.   It was a pleasure working with Carolyn, she was professional and I had full trust in her.  What could have been a very costly and stressful process, was 'stress free' and very cost effective because of her. Regards, Linda Lambert, Trustee 

It's apparent that you love what you do and have dedicated your life to it.

We had heard that from others before, but we also found that you put your clients ahead of yourself on a daily basis. My wife and I spent about six months working very closely with you on the buying and selling of our houses so we had ample time to reach our conclusion. You're definitely the best, and we were extremely fortunate to have you as our agent. We will always remember and appreciate how you helped us achieve our goals and tirelessly supported us through the whole process. Best wishes on your continued success!

Dennis Komai

Dear Mr.

Nassab, I'm writing this letter in order to commend the performance of one of your sales associates, Ms. Carolyn Theriault.  She did an outstanding job representing us recently during a home sale, and is a fine, professional representative of First Team.  We were very pleased with every phase of this difficult task, and Carolyn's efficiency and courtesy effectively made this an easy process. Unlike other discriminating prospective clients, we did not interview countless other real estate agents before deciding on Carolyn. We didn't need to. We have lived in College Park East since 1991. During these years we have paid attention to the real estate market, and in particular, which agents are closing the deals. Carolyn lists a house, and soon thereafter, she's out there hammering her "sold" sign in place. We would have hired her solely based on her sales performance, but in addition to that, she was a pleasure to work with. When we first met with Carolyn, we told her that we didn't want much. We wanted it sold at full price and we wanted it sold quickly.  Well, Carolyn never batted an eye. She has a sign out front the next day, had held two open houses in two weeks, and delivered three full-price offers within three weeks.  Any questions? We don't have any.  Carolyn is now listing another home for us, and, as usual, she's working hard on it already. Carolyn is obviously proud of what she does, and it is a very positive reflection on First Team to have someone of her caliber on staff. No, this is not a letter from Carolyn's mom, just appreciative clients, and friends. Sincerely, Derek & Lori Powell  

Dear Carolyn, My family and I would like to thank you for all the great work you did for us in selling our College Park East home.

 You were such a real estate pro and your experience and knowledge of the College Park East market was so helpful to us in maximizing our selling price and making the whole process from listing, to escrow, to closing so very smooth. We also want to thank you for all the extra work and time you put into selling the house even after you had the listing. I know First Team is a quality organization, but I feel that you were 95% of our success in making the process so simple. You were instrumental in helping us get the property into the best condition possible and explaining everything so thoroughly. It is very clear to me that not all real estate agents are created equal because not every agent could have done what you did. If you ever need me as a reference for a potential client, please don't hesitate to ask for we would be doing the sellers (or buyers) a big favor. Thanks again and best of future success. Regards, Mark C. Schmitz

Dear Prospective Buyer/Seller, This letter is to provide my highest recommendation to use Debbie & Carolyn Theriault as your real estate agent.

  I came to know Debbie when I was interested in seeing a house in Seal Beach that Carolyn had listed online.  They were both very friendly, professional, and thoughtful when my family was shown potential houses.  They understood our search criteria and preferences, and Debbie was persistent in responding to our emails within hours or less. Our trust for Debbie and Carolyn grew over a month, which was very important because we had to sell our old house to buy the next one in time for school start.  It was a two-fold, balancing stunt that these ladies performed during the entire process over a four month period.  They provided excellent advice and attention to detail in preparing our home for sale.  Our open house was in an elegant and inviting manner to attract multiple buyers.  As a result, we accepted an offer in 3 days!  After accepting an offer, we were given 30 days to search  for our dream house ... I found a beautiful house within two weeks and Debbie  performed magic from that  point onward.  She negotiated and convinced the sellers that we are eager buyers, bypassing the listing agents, whom the sellers didn't trust a bit.  Additionally, Debbie managed all of the paperwork for our sellers as well! Debbie & Carolyn followed up with all inspections, repairs, and escrow  services on both sides of the transaction. Even though our kids lost their usual summer trips because of our hectic sale, buy, and move schedule, I know they will gain so much more in our new amazing house.  Our favorite retreat used to be the cozy family room.  Nowadays, it has expanded to the blockbuster entertaining bonus room, resort-like backyard patio for outdoor lunches, and the nearby spacious park for our kids? new hangout. Overall, Debbie and Carolyn conducted themselves very professionally, are committed to their job, and provide first-class service second to none!   Sincerely,

The Loi Family

Dear Carolyn, "If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!

"      Carolyn, Mama is very happy! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for working with us.  You were fantastic in every phase of the entire process. Carolyn, you guided us through the sale of our home. You were extremely patient, kind and equally as passionate as we were in helping secure a buyer for our home of 15.5 years.  You, simultaneously, gave us timely encouragement, leadership and professional advice in finding us the right "New Home". Just one of the unexpected benefits of an honest business relationship is an ongoing friendship. You became a part of our family during this process, while you made us a part of your family. You will remain a part of our extended family for a lifetime. During the process, we had a lot of seemingly anxious moments; however, your professional handling of each challenge gave us an enormous amount of confidence in your ability to represent our home selling and buying needs. Without any hesitation or reservation, we will always recommend "Carolyn Theriault of First Team" as their representative to call when selling or buying a home. "Patience is a virtue". Wishing You the Best Always, Larry & Debbie Coyle    

Dear Carolyn: Buying and selling a house simultaneously can be one of life's most stressful events.

  We are so grateful for your professionalism and expertise to guide us throughout the entire process.  The day we contacted you to view a particular home you arranged a showing for us within thirty minutes. Later that evening, you wrote our offer, presented it the next day and called us the following morning to tell us we had a deal. Within a matter of two days you helped us purchase an incredible home we look forward to enjoying for decades. While we were negotiating the purchase of our new home, you were already working with us to sell our existing home.  We had all seen the stories on the slowing housing market, so we were prepared for whatever the market would bear.  I cannot begin to express how elated we were when our home sold within ten days at our asking price.  You did an amazing job marketing our home.  Your efforts generated over thirty realtors showing our home to their clients and at no point were any of their visits intrusive upon our personal lives. Thank you for being with us every step of the way and making yourself available any time to answer any questions. Many of our neighbors commented on how amazed they were with your commitment and dedication.  Every one of them remarked if they were selling their home they would "Call Carolyn".  We told them they would be a fool not to! Best Regards, Michael & Kristina Scott  

Carolyn is wonderful.

She's been my agent for the selling/purchasing of two homes, and I can't imagine anyone making it any easier. Moving, in general, is very stressful. Having someone who you can trust and spends whatever time is needed to make you feel comfortable with the real estate part of it makes it so much easier. I feel very fortunate to have had Carolyn as my real estate agent and friend.

Jared Welz

Dear Carolyn, We can't thank you enough!

!!....This is a letter we never thought we would write.  You have single-handedly restored our faith in your profession.  Your creativity, initiative, and patience turned our dreams into a reality.  You schooled us on the simple things we could do to make our house more marketable and took the time to really understand what we desired in a new home.  When others would have moved on to "hotter prospects", you stuck with us for over a year to make our deal work.  You were always available when we needed housing advice, referrals etc... What most people come to realize over time, is that a good realtor is much more than just a salesperson but rather a network of experts in many fields.  All of your associates at First Team, every referral, whether it was a carpet vendor, reliable handyman or tax advisor, contributed in some way to us getting us the price we needed from our old home and staying within our funding limit on the new home.  You are truly an expert in your field.  Most importantly, however, you DELIVER! Please use us as a reference for any future client.  We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to expand even further on the virtues of dealing with a true professional.  Thank you again for making our dreams come true. Sincerely, Mark and Janet Wallenrod  

Dear Carolyn, We want to tell you how much we appreciated all the help you gave us in locating a home to purchase using a 1031 Exchange.

  Your expertise was invalulable to us.  You made the transition so very easy and we are sure that the sellers felt the same. You made us feel that your undaunted search for the right property was an easy task.  However, we know that our demands, the lack of the type of property we were searching for, amd the time constraints that came with the exchange placed some hurdles that must have been exhuasting at times. You never waivered in your search for us and remained pleasant throughout the ordeal. Your knowledge of the business, friendly attitude, and the fact that you kept us fully abreast of the progress from beginning to end gave us the satisfaction that we had chosen the right agent to represent us.  We have, in the past read similar letters such as this written to you and we now have had a first hand experience as to why they compliment you so.  We shall be happy and look forward to asking you to represent us in the future. If you wish to publish this letter to your clients, we would be happy to have you do so. Thank you for all that you accomplished for us. Sincerely, The Moore Self Properties (Allene & Elwyn Moore, Fern Self)  

The dictionary does not have enough great words to say about this lady.

Truly an amazing Realtor and has become a great Friend. Carolyn makes it important to her to get you in a house that YOU want. And she did that for us. We are so grateful to Carolyn for helping us buy our 2ND HOME. She truly is the best in the business and I would call you a fool if you used anybody else. Thank you Carolyn for your dedication, your honesty, your straight forwardness and your love for us. We truly appreciate it. The Korthuis Family!

Brandon Korthuis
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